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DON’T Do These Things!

I have another blog, Leaderclip, which is sort of a clipping blog, where I try to post daily a summary of an article I find interesting or useful. That blog started as a sample project to encourage some clients to create a scrapbook of articles that inspire them so that when they need inspiration or motivation, they have something to look at.

While I normally try to keep the blog focused on summaries, sometimes I can’t help writing more. Usually, I try to do that in this blog, but today, it just got away from me.

So, I suggest you go look over at Leaderclip and learn about 8 things you should NOT do every day. Inspired by an article at by Jeff Haden, the article talks about things that can sap your productivity. I took Jeff’s list and talked about the leadership angle of these 8 things.

We should all have what Jim Collins calls a “To-Don’t” list — things we want to consciously avoid doing during the day. These 8 are a great place to begin. While you are there, why not follow that blog (this one, too, if you aren’t already a follower)? Also, why don’t you take a moment to share a thing or two that are (or should be) on your “To-Don’t” list?



Don’t Do These Things!

Leaderclip | Clippings and thoughts on leadership and other passions found by Dwayne Baptist.


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