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Stacy the Waiter: Customer Service genius

Emily Heyward recently wrote a column in FastCompany about what restaurants can teach us about making clients happy. Her thoughts about being willing to make recommendations, keeping track of the details and taking the time necessary are relevant and on point. She disputes some people’s contention that the best restaurant service is the kind you don’t notice unless things go wrong. I agree. The best restaurant service is that which makes the experience memorable. Let me illustrate with the story of the best dining experience I ever had.

We were vacationing at Disneyworld on the on the occasion of a nephew’s wedding. While the groom and his family were busy with preparations, the rest of the family assembled at Fulton’s Crab House in Downtown Disney. Our waiter, Stacy (like Stacy Keech) told us he was committed to making the experience memorable, and did he deliver. Stacy was our master of ceremonies, a part of the pageant without really being a part of our party. He made recommendations, even off-menu items, to meet our needs. He kept track of details and anticipated our needs as the party continued. Importantly, he didn’t rush us. You would have thought we were his private party for the day.

Great customer service is a real win-win. Do you want to give great service? Read Emily’s post, and treat your customers like Stacy does. You will end up with great rewards when you have happy satisfied customers–tips, referrals, repeat business.


One thought on “Stacy the Waiter: Customer Service genius

  1. The restaurant industry provides great lessons to both extremes! Most of the service practices that enable me to maintain a 97% total-satisfaction rating in my current role as a Funeral Director were learned waiting tables! You’ve painted the picture of a great waiter, but it’s also the picture of a dedicated service professional. We should be mindful of and anticipate our clients’ needs, prepared to meet them through education and experience. We should give them our full attention. We should mind the details. We should make the experience revolve around our clients. Most of all, we should blow them away!

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