Join a Mastermind

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A Mastermind can be your personal board of directors

Do you want to explore leadership or the art of building connections to improve your personal and business relationships? Then join a Mastermind.

Napoleon Hill coined the term “Mastermind” in his book Think and Grow Rich. A Mastermind is a group of individuals gathered together in unity to tackle a specific challenge or opportunity. Think of it as your personal Board of Directors. How often do you have a safe environment to explore ideas to grow your life?

Are you curious about the idea but not sure how to get started? My colleagues and I on the John Maxwell Team offer Mastermind opportunities, some of which are free. Some are in-person events while others are via teleconference, rendering geography a moot issue.

My gift to you, my readers is the opportunity to try out a Mastermind program free of charge. Based on John Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, the 8-week program meets one hour weekly via teleconference. The Law of the Lid, the first of the 21 Laws, says that a person’s effectiveness is determined by thier leadership ability. So, our challenge will be to grow our leadership skills together.

To learn more about the 21 Laws Mastermind or other Mastermind opportunities we are currently offering, you can check here. If you already know you’d like to enroll, just click here.

Top 10 Reasons to Join a Mastermind

10.  Professional development
9.    Personal growth
8.    Networking with others
7.    Discover new ideas
6.    Help others grow
5.    Have laughs while you learn
4.    See things from another’s point of view
3.    Develop new friendships
2.    Test your ideas in a safe environment
1.    Become aware of the power within you


2 thoughts on “Join a Mastermind

    • Hi Tironyaone, thanks for visiting. If you would like to learn more about leadership, you might enjoy visiting my site, dbaptist.com and seeing some of what I have posted on my blog there. If you are interested in growing your leadership, I would be happy to recommend some approaches. I’m going to be running some more Mastermind groups via teleconference right after Thanksgiving. Where are you located? If you aren’t here in America, I might be able to refer you to a colleague closer to you. You can also email me at dbaptist at dbaptist dot com.


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