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Leading People: A Guide to Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws (Part 7)

Think the Law of Gravity, not criminal law…

What an amazing journey this has been, talking about John Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  I appreciate all of you who have followed this blog in real time, allowing me the opportunity to find my voice as a blogger and grow through the experience. It is especially fitting that we are ending with the Laws of Timing, Explosive Growth, and Legacy. John Maxwell lives these laws so authentically; I want to end the series talking about how John lives these laws as I have observed during the certification program I just finished. As a Founding Partner on the John Maxwell Team, I have had an opportunity to see John up close as he has lived these laws. The establishment of the John Maxwell Team is an outgrowth of the Law of Legacy, as we shall see below. If you would like to get more information about the John Maxwell Team or are considering becoming a coach, teacher and/or speaker in the area of leadership, contact me here.

So, let’s get into the Laws of Timing, Explosive Growth, and Legacy.

#19 – The Law of Timing – When to lead is as important as what to do and where to go.

John Maxwell has inspired many people over the years. People from every background have benefitted from John’s teaching and from the organizations he has founded. But John had no organization focused on creating an ongoing relationship with individuals and organizations wanting to deepen their understanding and application of John’s principles. Paul Martinelli is a successful entrepreneur who has experienced several career transitions: from business owner to coach and trainer, and from coach/trainer to partner with some of the brightest stars of the personal development field. Paul, who had benefitted from studying and applying John’s principles to his own businesses wondered why John, a big believer in legacy, hadn’t fully developed this concept within his constellation of organizations. Working with his business collaborator Scott Fey, a friend of John Maxwell’s, Paul approached John about a concept where a coaching, training, and speaking program focused around John’s material would help extend the ability to spread the Maxwell philosophy wider than John ever could himself, and long after John might leave the scene.

The timing was right. John recognized the value of Paul and Scott’s proposition. With Paul’s successful track record creating such programs, John knew he had found the right partner to help him make the Maxwell philosophy more personal and more accessible for people. The response to the program was tremendous, with nearly 1,000 people from around the world joining the class of Founding Partners, completing certification in August 2011. More classes are forming because people recognize the need and want to be part of the experience, which is a natural segue to…

#20 – Explosive Growth – To add growth, lead followers—to multiply, lead Leaders.

The John Maxwell Team is experiencing explosive growth because it equips and trains leaders to be effective coaches, teachers, and speakers. Paul and John have assembled a team of proven professionals to help deliver the curriculum. John invested personal time in getting to know the Founding Partners, personally delivering training and even having many of the Partners to his home. The Founding Partners, who are from around the globe and all walks of life, are brining valuable contributions to the team through collaboration. And as expected, they are also bringing John’s teachings to people in innovative ways. Some are expected, such as coaching, teaching, and training others through established channels, but also through forums such as Mastermind groups that look to sharpen leadership skills of individuals and teams in a collaborative, self directed setting, through ministries, and even as part of public programs in partnership with local business organizations.

#21 – The Law of Legacy – A Leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.

As all of this has alluded, John Maxwell has been looking at his legacy and wanting to secure it. That is the reason he joined with Paul Martinelli and Scott Fey to found the John Maxwell Team. But what legacy is John trying to build? A monument to himself? No. While John certainly appreciates the recognition he has received over the years for his ideas, what is truly important to John is that his ideas live on because he strongly believes they add value to others. A true legacy is not that somebody names a building or a highway after you; although people often do that in recognition of the value somebody brought to an organization or community. A true legacy is that you contribute something that continues to add value to others even after you are gone. John’s purpose in life is to add value to others. Why does that have to end when his time finally comes to an end here on Earth?

To leave a legacy you have to do three things: know what you want to leave; live what you want to leave; and find the right people with whom to leave it. John wants to leave his philosophy to the world as his gift to it. He has lived it, and continues to live it today. One of the great things about being part of the Maxwell Team is knowing that John is living his philosophy today and is continuing to grow himself as a leader. Working with the John Maxwell Team is his way of ensuring that the philosophy will continue to add value to others well into the future.

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