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Leading People: A Guide to Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws (Part 3)

Think the Law of Gravity, not criminal law…
I am currently working with a Mastermind Group studying the 21 Irrefutable Laws. A Mastermind Group is a gathering of individuals gathered together and committed to achieving a particular goal or objective through regular discussion, planning, and support. Think of a board of directors focused on steering a mighty company. A board of directors focuses on the strategic, finding ways to overcome key barriers and suggesting approaches that can be translated into the tactical by leaders closest to the situation. Our Mastermind is focused on improving each member’s leadership skill set, using the 21 Irrefutable Laws as a basis. Last week, we went over these three laws, and had an incredible discussion about how Respect, Intuition, and Magnetism work together to help leaders move forward. Read on and I’ll capture the spirit of that discussion, below.

#7 – The Law of Respect – People naturally follow Leaders stronger than themselves.

The Law of Respect is the corollary of the Law of the Lid. Since people follow Leaders stronger than themselves, it is critical to raise your lid if you hope to grow your team’s influence and attract ever stronger leaders. John points out that strong leaders aren’t necessarily those who are best educated, most beautiful, etc. Harriet Tubman was arguably the most successful “conductor” on the Underground Railroad. She was illiterate and rather nondescript, but her passion for her work drove her to hone the skills she needed to lead others with courage and skill. She never lost one of her charges on the journey. The care and concern she displayed, sometimes rather forcefully, saved lives and put a face on a cause that transformed the Civil War from an argument about state’s rights to a referendum on slavery.

#8 – The Law of Intuition – Leaders evaluate everything with a Leadership bias.

A lot of people don’t understand what is “a Leadership bias.” I know I didn’t understand it, even after reading this chapter several times. In fact, I didn’t understand what that had to do with “Intuition.” The obvious connection between intuition and leadership is that those with great skill often make connections that are not obvious to those who are less skilled/experienced. But this is also true of people who develop their leadership skills. So what is “leadership,” really? We know that it is influence, but what are leaders trying to influence. They are helping teams move forward in unity to achieve really big purposes. This transcends goals and targets. When considering decisions, a leader isn’t just worried about achieving the goal, but is thinking, “What is next? How does what we are doing affect our ability to get to and succeed at the things we want to tackle down the road?”

#9 – The Law of Magnetism – Who you are is who you attract.

Who you are is who you naturally attract. Does this mean that you cannot attract others? Heaven’s NO! But it does mean that you must to be deliberate with your teambuilding in order to succeed. Understand and articulate your purpose – mission, vision, etc. – so that you can articulate the skills you need. Comparing that list to what you personally offer and you will see where you need to be deliberate when resourcing. When you understand the type people you need that are not like you, you can begin to determine what would attract them to the team, since you won’t be the primary attraction. It takes work, but the reward will be a richer team that is more effective and capable to complete the job at hand.

As we studied this in our group we saw how respect and a bias for action can help a Leader compensate and attract others who might not be normally attracted. But the real key is knowing your “why” – why is the team in existence? What is going to be achieved? Harriet Tubman understood exactly why she was doing her thing. No mistakes or confusion. Know your why and you’ll start to be more attractive to everybody… and lift your leadership lid.

In our next installment, we will look at The Laws of Connection, Inner Circle, Empowerment.

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