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A Minute With Maxwell: Word for the Day: Rich

John Maxwell puts out a daily “Minute with Maxwell” that spends about one minute each day talking about a word his fans send to him. Today, his word was RICH. I really enjoyed that he acknowledged rich doesn’t simply refer to money. Money is useful and valuable — John has money — but that real riches are eternal. In the gospels, Jesus told us that we should seek after the treasures in heaven, for they are the real riches. I agree.

Napoleon Hill in his masterworks Think and Grow Rich and The Master Key to Riches would certainly agree with John here. Hill points out that real riches and wealth are not money, but these more eternal things. Money is simply the byproduct of an abundance of these other riches. He also points out that those who manage to accumulate wealth without accumulating those other riches along the way tend to lose their wealth, or fail to be able to enjoy it.

What is the secret to gaining eternal riches? Wealth? The secret is a positive mental attitude. I’m not talking about Pollyanna pseudo-optimism. Rather, I am talking about developing a worldview that is built on the understanding that we have unlimited potential that can, with focused attention, planning, and action, achieve anything we want. When coupled with the idea that we need/must add value to others in order to get what we want, we have an opportunity to gain tremendous eternal riches (friends, family, opportunities, etc.), with monetary riches as a byproduct.

John Maxwell is a great example of this. Trained in the ministry, he sought to develop his leadership skills so that he could better serve his congregants and his God better. As he developed his skill, he also taught what he was learning to others, adding value to their lives, and further developing his skills in the process. While still pastoring, he also started several companies to further his work in teaching and training leaders, both spiritual and temporal, eventually leaving pastoring to continue his service to God and his fellow man in new ways. Along the way, he has earned a very good living, which has allowed him to be able to reach even more people because of the resources he is able to marshall.

John understands the word RICH. Click here to hear his elegant words. If you like what you hear, you can sign up to get similar inspiration daily in your inbox.


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